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The Mill on the Floss. In chapter 3, the character Mr Riley is described as an “auctioneer and appraiser thirty years ago,” placing the opening events of the novel in the mill on the floss summary pdf 1829, thirty years before the novel’s composition in 1859. Maggie Tulliver is the central character of the book.

The story begins when she is 9 years old, 13 years into her parents’ marriage. Tom and Maggie have a close yet complex bond, which continues throughout the novel. Their relationship is coloured by Maggie’s desire to recapture the unconditional love her father provides before his death. Tom’s pragmatic and reserved nature clashes with Maggie’s idealism and fervor for intellectual gains and experience. Various family crisis, including bankruptcy, Mr Tulliver’s rancorous relationship with Philip Wakem’s father, which results in the loss of the mill, and Mr Tulliver’s untimely death, serve both to intensify Tom’s and Maggie’s differences and to highlight their love for each other.