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Please forward this error screen to 199. We the portage to san cristobal of ah pdf found a new home! Despite that, the show ran for only 154 performances, and received mainly negative reviews.

The show was heavily revised and later had engagements in Europe, where it proved to be a hit. Harker enjoys a lavish supper set by his host and asks the Count if he knows anyone in England. Dracula responds that he knows Harker, and that other contacts have been made in advance to ensure his arrival in England is well received. Count forebodingly informs her of his imminent journey to England and his desire to be with her.

Early one morning Dracula surprises Harker while shaving, causing Harker to cut himself. Dracula advances towards his guest’s bleeding throat but retreats once he catches a glimpse of a crucifix around Harker’s neck. Harker tries to get Dracula to focus on the contract, but Dracula ignores him, instead advising him to only sleep in his own chamber. English man wanders into and begin to seduce him. Dracula suddenly appears and berates the women for disobeying his orders to leave Harker for himself. When the Brides ask if they are to have nothing Dracula gives them an infant to consume. Lucy’s trouble with sleepwalking, which the latter had apparently inherited from her late father.

The conversation quickly turns to Lucy’s dilemma of having three marriage proposals offered to her in one day. That night, Lucy sleepwalks and finds Dracula. When the vampire begins to drink her blood Mina, who had followed Lucy, appears. The Count explains, inside Mina’s mind, that she is the one he really wanted but Lucy answered his call instead. Angered, and shocked that Mina is able to resist him, Dracula vanishes. Mina explains to Lucy that she has received a telegram from Harker in Budapest, and that she must go to marry him at once. Lucy congratulates Mina, excited that they will both become brides.

Dracula, watching from afar, comments that he has already corrupted one mortal soul. Mina prepares for her journey, upsetting Dracula. Stirred by emotions he has not felt in centuries, Dracula follows Mina to the train station and, from afar, voices his desire to be with her. Torn between her devotion to Harker and her darker desires, Mina begins to question what she really wants in life. Feeling that Mina has eluded him, a frustrated Dracula appears before Lucy at her reception, causing her to faint. Van Helsing decorates Lucy’s room with garlic and gives her a bottle of holy water to sleep with. Dracula appears and drains Lucy of blood, all the while feeding her his own.