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They are the power of rudraksha book free pdf with the Hindu deity Shiva and are commonly worn for protection by his devotees. In this context, they are often marketed to businessmen and other people seeking good fortune.

Lord Shiva himself wears rudraksha garlands. Rudrakshas are traditionally worn by men, due to Lord Shiva being a male deity. Although there are no specific prohibitions, it is more common for women to wear beads made of other materials, such as pearls. Most garlands contain 108 beads plus one, as 108 is considered sacred and a suitable number of times to recite a short mantra. 108, as well as having symbolic value as a ‘principle’ bead. It is believed that, as a sacred material, rudraksha beads are able to hold onto to energy of the recited mantra and aid the worshiper in his or her concentration and spiritual development. Single rudraksha beads may be worn around the neck as a form of protection, or on the skin in other forms of jewellery such as bracelets and earrings.

Rudraksha may be damaged if strung too tightly. The mālā can be worn all the time, including in the shower. Observant Hindus may follow other rules while wearing a Rudraksha bead, such as avoiding to eat meat and alcohol, as part of chosen lifestyle. Size is always measured in millimeters. A Rudraksha’s surface should be hard and the projections should be well grooved, as found in most of the Nepalese Rudrakshas. Indonesian Rudraksha has a different appearance. Rudraksha from India shows very high and deeply grooved projections resembling natural deep hills and valleys.