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At first, the Japanese are unable to efficiently control the large number of Allied prisoners captured when Singapore falls, but eventually the prisoners are dispersed into smaller camps. The prisoners in the camp where Lomax is being held build a secret radio receiver, the railway man book pdf is discovered by the prison authorities.

Lomax and several other prisoners are severely beaten, and two of them die from their injuries. He and the others are found guilty of anti-Japanese activity and are sent to a harsher prison, where they are starved nearly to death. Eric is psychologically damaged by his treatment and, after the war, suffers from severe psychological problems and is only able to discuss his experiences as a POW with other former POWs. He eventually seeks treatment at the urging of his second wife. He eventually makes contact with one of his Japanese interrogators after the war, and receives counseling to control his urge to hunt him down and attack him. Lomax discovers that the man has spent his life trying to make amends for his actions during the war by speaking out against militarism.

Lomax eventually goes back to Thailand to visit the area of the camps where he was a prisoner and meets his interrogator. Lomax is able to forgive him, and both men find the experience extremely moving. This page was last edited on 16 September 2017, at 14:03. The Railway Man — movie poster.

Apparently, he had fallen under suspicion of being a spy, for supposedly using the British news broadcast receiver as a transmitter of military intelligence. In fact, however, his only intention had been to use the device as a morale booster for himself and his fellow prisoner-slaves. When he finally confronts his former captor, Eric first questions him similarly to how his captors interrogated him years before. Nagase, but instead breaks furniture in anger. Soon afterward, Eric pushes the officer into a human cage, where many POWs were previously kept.