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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Salespeople are often taught to think of targets not as strangers, but rather as prospective customers who already want or need what is being sold. Such prospects need only be “closed. Closing” is distinguished from ordinary practices such as explaining a product’s benefits or justifying the secrets of closing the sale pdf expense.

For example, a salesman might mention that his product is popular with a person’s neighbors, knowing that people tend to follow perceived trends. This is known as the Jones Theory. In automobile dealerships, a “Closer” is often a senior salesman experienced in closing difficult deals. In Real Estate a top sales representative’s take on the earliest form of the word “Closer” as in closing escrow. Closing techniques include major and minor closing questions for example: Minor Close – “Mr.

Customer, would you prefer lighter or darker flooring in your new home? Customer, would you like go with standard kitchen countertops or do you prefer to go with the granite upgrade? Customer, now that we’ve taken care of your flooring and countertop preferences let’s step in to my office so that we can wrap up the paperwork on your new home”. Big time pros avoid using the word “closed” as in “the deal is over” unless they have affirmed the sale.

Since fear of rejection is one of the biggest impediments to sales success for many people in sales functions they don’t actually ask for the business. Hence the constant search for “closers” in sales recruitment. All of the “closing” techniques below are different ways to ask for the business. No matter how skillfully applied the customer has the option to answer “No.

Would you prefer that in red or blue? I owe you an apology. Somewhere along the line, I must have left out important information, or in some way left you room for doubt. We both know this product suits your needs perfectly, and so the fault here must be with me. Just pass me your credit card and I’ll get the paperwork ready. Ben Franklin close, in which the salesperson and the prospect build together a pros-and-cons list of whether to buy the product, with the salesperson trying to ensure the pros list is longer than the cons.

Salespeople are discouraged from using this technique unless they are very sure the prospect is ready to commit. How do you feel about these terms” or “how does this agreement look to you? Would the front door look better painted red? Okay, then we’ll leave it the colour it is. Do you have any more questions for me?

This tactic is often used in job interviews. How about if I throw in free shipping? If I make this sale, I’ll win a trip to Spain. Can you get the system up and running within two weeks? If I guarantee it, do we have a deal? Lansdowne, South Africa: Juta Academic. This page was last edited on 18 November 2017, at 01:11.

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