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The stolen chapters pdf article is about the book. In addition the book purports to document “wannabes”: people lying about Vietnam experience, often when they had never been there.

Glenna Whitley is an investigative journalist who writes about crime and the legal system. 4 parts and an appendix. Burkett’s time in the Army. The next four chapters detail the author’s argument that the image of the Vietnam Veteran was tarnished by a combination of media coverage, Veteran imposters, US citizens’ anger against the draft, and a perception of the veteran as a victim. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Vietnam Veterans and how it is treated by the Veteran’s Administration and the rise of war atrocity accusations against Vietnam Veterans.

It also does further analysis of the effects of people, the author believes to be Vietnam War Veteran imposters, on the image of the Vietnam Veteran, specifically, the lack of investigation by the news media into the background of these possible veterans. This part delves into the mislabeling of one of the causes of homelessness, the Vietnam War. Vietnam War specific medals, ribbons and badges by people who did not earn them. The author, using the Freedom of Information Act, was able to retrieve records of individuals who claimed they served in Vietnam during the War and he used this method to denounce people who didn’t have records to support their service, badges, ribbons and medals.