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Gerson’s claims and concluded that the truth about cancer pdf data showed no benefit from his treatment. The therapy is both ineffective and dangerous.

Gerson-Sauerbruch-Hermannsdorfer diet, claiming it was a major advance in the treatment of tuberculosis. Gerson spent two years in Vienna, then in 1935 he went to France, associating with a clinic near Paris before moving to London in 1936. Shortly after that, he moved to the United States where he settled in New York City. Gerson escaped Nazi Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1936, passed his medical board examination, and became a U. The rest of his family died at the hand of the Nazis. Gerson applied his dietary therapy to several cancer patients, claiming good results, but other workers found his methodology and claims unconvincing. Gerson from publishing proof that his therapy worked.

1958, his medical license in New York was suspended for two years. Gerson died March 8, 1959 of pneumonia. Initially, Gerson used his therapy as a treatment for migraine headaches and tuberculosis. In 1928, he began to use it as a supposed treatment for cancer. After Gerson’s death, his daughter Charlotte Gerson continued to promote the therapy, founding the “Gerson Institute” in 1977. One of these patients who had metastatic melanoma died within a week of his septic episode.

Many of the patients had low sodium levels, thought to be associated with the very low sodium Gerson diet. Gerson published a book discussing the alleged success of the therapy in 50 patients, but a review by the U. Attempts to independently check the results of the therapy have been negative. 13 were found to still have active cancer. Institute staff have about the status of people who call in”. 39 Gerson patients in Tijuana. 10 died and six were alive at their last follow-up.

Gerson therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States. The NCI found that the available information did not prove the regimen had benefit. Gerson therapy can lead to several significant health problems. Serious illness and death have occurred as a direct result of some portions of the treatment, including severe electrolyte imbalances. Other complications have included dehydration, serious infections and severe bleeding. The therapy may be especially hazardous to pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Coffee enemas have contributed to the deaths of at least three people in the United States. The recommended diet may not be nutritionally adequate. The diet has been blamed for the deaths of patients who substituted it for standard medical care. Relying on the therapy alone while avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer has serious health consequences. The Wellness Warrior”, was a major proponent of the Gerson diet after her diagnosis with cancer. She rejected medical treatment and followed the diet strictly, documenting her progress in a popular blog. She died from the cancer in February 2015, aged 30.

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