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It examines moral issues related to the men’s acknowledgement of their crimes and to the state’s use of the death penalty. Prejean has become a leading American advocate for the abolition of the death penalty. Her campaign was initiated following her correspondence and visits that she maintained with two the walking dead book 5 pdf murderers.

She started this ministry in 1982. She visited Sonnier in prison and agreed to be his spiritual adviser in the months leading up to his death. Prejean gained insight into the minds of these convicted murderers and the process involved in executions, including its effects on the prison guards and other personnel. The title of the book comes from a phrase once traditional in American prisons, to designate a man condemned to death. They were held on what was known as Death Row, deprived of most social contact and unable to work or participate in prison programs. Prior to the 1960s, when guards would lead a condemned man down the prison hallway, they would call out, “Dead man walking!

The origin of the phrase is debated. In any case, its symbolism is clear: the condemned prisoner, in the eyes of the law, was dead already. The international premiere of the opera was in August 2003, in Adelaide. Retrieved on September 1, 2010.