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Despite the song’s commercial success, critical reception was mixed. 100 Best Songs of 2007. Levine began the wonder weeks pdf download parts of “Makes Me Wonder” years before its release in 2007. Levine recalled that the song “kept coming up because the label loved it”.

Maroon 5 regrouped at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank, California. There, they “rethought a couple of songs and we went back and recut about three songs”. Reworking the song for their new album, Maroon 5 struggled to finish “Makes Me Wonder”. The band could not formulate a chorus that would match with the rest of “Makes Me Wonder”‘s music, which then had been around for four years.

At one point, it had the band deciding to venture into a songwriting trip to “somewhere without distractions”. While working on another song when they went to a Las Vegas studio, Maroon 5 came up with a part that would work “if they changed the chords”. Levine recalls, “It was actually great because we were distracted just enough that we didn’t think about it too much, and then we wrote this part that wound up being the chorus. Endert’s involvement transitioned to “Makes Me Wonder”. Maroon 5, having re-examined the song, asked Endert to assist them on a track which they did not like. To Endert, the band did not “feel like they had realized its potential”. However, “They were open to new ideas, so I had the freedom to go and look for a new approach.