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1968, the JDL’s self-described purpose was to protect Jews from local manifestations of antisemitism. JDL as a “former terrorist organization”. The JDL’s website states that it rejects terrorism. Several JDL they must go rabbi meir kahane pdf and leaders died violent deaths, including Kahane himself, who was assassinated by an Arab-American gunman.

JDL consists only of “thugs and hooligans”. Jews comprising a disproportionately large percentage of the victims. Elderly Jews were being harassed and mugged, storeowners were held up and Jewish teachers were assaulted while Jewish synagogues were defaced and Jewish cemeteries desecrated. May 24, 1968, which read: “We are talking of JEWISH SURVIVAL! Are you willing to stand up for democracy and Jewish survival? Join and support the Jewish Defense Corps. Shortly after, Kahane renamed the group the “Jewish Defense League,” fearing that “Corps” would be construed as too militant.

The group’s declared purpose was: “to combat anti-Semitism in the public and private sectors of life in the United States of America. Shortly afterward, the Jewish Defense League put out a 4-page manifesto which stated: “America has been good to the Jew and the Jew has been good to America. A land founded on the principles of democracy and freedom has given unprecedented opportunities to a people devoted to those ideals” yet now finds itself threatened by “political extremism” and “racist militancy. Furthermore, the manifesto stated that the organization rejects all hate and illegality, believes firmly in law and order, backs police forces and will work actively in the courts to strike down all discrimination. When asked about Jewish Defense League members breaking the law, Kahane responded: “We respect the right and the obligation of the American government to prosecute us and send us to jail.

No one gripes about that. The group adopted the slogan “Never Again! Jews will never be permitted to recur, Kahane claimed that his intention was to declare that Jews should never again be caught by surprise or lulled into a foolish trust in others. 15 members chanting: “No Nazis at NYU, Jewish rights are precious too. New Jersey, to protect Jewish merchants from anti-Jewish rioting which had swept the area for days. Jewish residents in response to a mounting wave of crime directed primarily against Jews.

Rabbi Kahane and four other JDL members. The rest of the demonstrators were taken into custody after invading the midtown offices of the Soviet tourist bureau. Arab missions claiming to be from the JDL to discredit it. They also were ordered to bomb a target in the “Negro section of New York” and blame it on the JDL. Jewish community — which had begun with letter writing — evolved into physical threats from the JDL.