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The area is rife with witchcraft and superstition. Thomas hardy as a novelist pdf-Wareham road and south of the Dorchester-Wimborne road. The small heath by Hardy’s childhood home is much smaller than its fictional counterpart.

The ancient round barrows named Rainbarrows, and Rushy Pond, which lie immediately behind Hardy’s childhood home, form the centre of the fictional heath. In modern times much that was uninhabited in Hardy’s days is now either populated or planted with forest. The former nuclear station at Winfrith Heath also erased much of Hardy’s landscape, though efforts are being made to reclaim it. Studland Heath, to the south-east, was not part of Hardy’s Egdon, though its landscape remains similar to it and has been less damaged.

Egdon Heath forms a symbol for the cosmic world of mankind, and is, like man, “slighted and enduring. Hence Egdon Heath is another example of Hardy’s landscape reflecting the permanent human condition. The untameable, Ishmaelitish thing that Egdon now was it had always been. Civilization was its enemy: and ever since the beginning of vegetation its soil had worn the same antique brown dress, the natural and invariable garment of the particular formation.