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Tilapia is the fourth most consumed fish in the United States dating back to 2002. The popularity of tilapia came about due tilapia farming philippines pdf its low price, easy preparation, and its mild taste. 1500 BC, contains a tilapia hieroglyph just above the head of the central figure. It was also said to accompany and protect the sun god on his daily journey across the sky.

Gospel of Matthew recounts the event took place. Tilapia typically have laterally compressed, deep bodies. This means they are efficient feeders that can capture and process a wide variety of food items. The jaws have conical teeth. Some Nile tilapia can grow as long as two feet. Other than their temperature sensitivity, tilapia exist in or can adapt to a very wide range of conditions. Tilapia are also known to be a mouth breeding species.

Mouth breeding means they carry the fertilized eggs and young fish in their mouths for several days after the yolk sac is absorbed. However, particular species within are still commonly called “tilapia” regardless of the change in their actual taxonomic nomenclature. Tilapia has been used as biological controls for certain aquatic plant problems. These benefits are, however, frequently outweighed by the negative aspects of tilapia as an invasive species. Tilapia are unable to survive in temperate climates because they require warm water.