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Torrentz will always love you. As of November tina fey audiobook pdf, the book has sold over 2. Noble in New York City April 8, 2011. New York-based Books for Kids Foundation.

Fey wields jokes as a personal display of power. Fey has succeeded where so many have failed — because she is precise, professional and hilarious. Fey, “The artistry of her autobiography-turned-polemic raises the bar for every comedian who dares put cursor to Word doc. There’s lots to enjoy, particularly if you are, as I am, a Tina Fey fan girl. It’s just the bookiness of it.

Fey is out of her genre, and it shows: it takes an age to get going, and it’s less like prose non-fiction than a sketch comedy in book form, with a disproportionate number of one-liners, not all of which work. New York: Little, Brown and Co. This page was last edited on 14 October 2017, at 21:30. This article has multiple issues. In particular, it has problems with not conforming to customary formatting for biographical articles, excessive use of external links in text, and some phrasing that may be perceived as promotional in tone. He was promoted to head writer in 2002 and became an executive producer at the end of 2006.