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She has recorded more than titas ekti nadir naam pdf,500 songs for films and over 10,000 songs in total. Yasmin was born in 1953 to Mouluda Khatun. Gomez was her classical music mentor. Yasmin has sung for films, radio, television and gramophone companies.

She has been active in the Bangladeshi music industry since the 1970s. It contained the song “Eki Sonar Aloy” which elevated Yasmin as the leading singer. She sang some patriotic songs “Sob Kota Janala”,”Swajan Harano Diner Samarane”,”Sei Railliner Dhare”,”Swadhinata Tumi” etc. She garnered fame with the song “Sudhu Gaan Geye Porichoy” in 1972 film ‘Abujh Mon’. She sang “Tumi Je Amar Kobita”,”Tumi Achho” etc.

Shahnaz Rahmatullah left playback singing. She sang numerous timeless hits for Yasmin including “Koto Sadhonay Emon Bhagyo Mele”, “Shoto Jonomer Sadh”, “E Jibone Tumi Ogo Ele” and many more. Her rising popularity dragged her to Indian cinema. Yasmin sang many songs in the 1990s.

By the year 2000, Kanak Chapa was already most sought after playback singer. Yet Yasmin got to sing numerous hit songs composed by top-notch music directors. In 2004, her song “Preme Poreche Mon” in ‘wrong number’ topped the music top charts. She achieved her 12th and last National Film Award for ‘Dui Noyoner Alo’. Yasmin sang several hits in the 2010s also. Her song “Premiker Buk Jeno Sukher Nodi” featured in top charts for many weeks.

Yasmin was the number one singer of Bangladesh from 1970 till 1974. In 1974, Runa stepped into Bengali cinema singing the popular “Ganeri Khatay Swarolipi Likhe” in Swarolipi film. From the very first days, Runa gave Yasmin stiff competition. Runa recorded a lots of hit tracks in the 1970s and 1980s. Though she contested well with Yasmin, Sabina escaped her lead position till 1993. They sang a lot of female duets together, for example, “Tumi Boro Bhagyoboti” in the film Pratinidhi.

Yasmin had a great pairing with Syed Abdul Hadi, Mahmudunnabi and Khurshid Alam whereas Runa collaborated with Subir Nandi and Andrew Kishore. Yasmin garnered 9 National film awards in the 1970s and 1980s, while Runa received 4 National film awards. Begum Mouluda Khatun was a vocal artist who took lessons from the musician Ustaad Kader Baksh. Yasmin has married three times.

Anisur Rahman, and a son, Srabon, from her second marriage with Amir Hossain. Indian-Bengali musician and political activist, in 1998 and later the couple got married. This page was last edited on 24 November 2017, at 17:28. Danh sách liệt kê có tính tương đối. Các đánh giá này không được xem là đánh giá chính thống qua các giải thưởng có tính vinh danh chính thức, nhưng có tầm bao quát. Entertainment Weekly và bình chọn là số một trong một bình chọn của độc giả Time Out vào năm 1998. Internet Movie Database của danh sách 250 bộ phim hàng đầu.