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These tonal harmony stefan kostka pdf may mean different things in different contexts. For all three tetrachords, only the middle two strings varied in their pitch.

14th century, this was used to indicate a temporary change in metre from triple to duple, or vice versa. Sibyls are sung, intrepidly,” which here takes its modern meaning referring to the frequent change of key and use of chromatic intervals in the work. Just diatonic scale on C. File:Just diatonic scale on C. Medieval theorists defined scales in terms of the Greek tetrachords. The semitones are separated as much as they can be, between alternating groups of three tones and two tones.

Among such theorists there is no agreed general term that encompasses the major and all forms of the minor scale. Some writers consistently include the melodic and harmonic minor scales as diatonic also. Sometimes context makes the intended meaning clear. Such a sequence of pitches is produced, for example, by playing all the black and white keys of a piano in order. Among this latter class, some instruments, such as the piano, are always tuned to a chromatic scale, and can be played in any key, while others are restricted to a diatonic scale, and therefore to a particular key. This usage is still subject to the categorization of scales as above, e.