Triangle congruence proofs worksheet pdf

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Covers similar shapes, scale factors for area and volume, and changing between units of area and volume. Comes with Powerpoint and worksheet. Includes harder follow up questions where you use a completed congruence proof to make subsequent justifications. Comes with Powerpoint, worksheets and assessment. A self-contained game to be played in pairs. Use to revise reading coordinates on a grid.

Differentiated worksheets for children to complete. Starter – Revise previous knowledge using whiteboards. 9 with the Circle Theorems on one page. Hanukkah themed worksheet with 3 problems involving Pythagoras or Circumference. Ideal for High ability KS3 students or GCSE.

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How do you calculate the probability of one or more events? There are several videos that follow this one on Khan Academy that may be helpful. Remember that I suggest using intuition to figure the problem out if possible. If necessary, use the formula. Find the point on a directed line segment between two given points that partitions the segment in a given ratio.

Remember to bring a cup with a circular base tomorrow! I do not have an electronic copy of your homework or the key, but here are the answers so that you can check your work. I got sick and had to go home. Your quiz will be on Thursday since tomorrow is PSAT day.