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United States and turbo fire schedule pdf the 40 countries where Netflix offers its services. Each episode consists of two 11-minutes segments, except for few double-length episodes. Season 2 was released on Netflix on July 31, 2015. The third and final season was released on Netflix on February 5, 2016.

Mike Bell, who reprise their roles of Kim Ly and White Shadow from the film, the series features an all-new cast. Tito builds a city for all the snails along with Turbo. He even built a race track for the snails to race. Now Turbo continues his racing adventure with the help of his brother Chet, and his friends Whiplash, Burn, Skidmark, White Shadow, and Smoove Move. Indy 500 with said powers. Turbo’s paranoid older brother, who is the main safety patrolman of Turbotown and the manager of the F. He is also Burn’s boyfriend.

The tough-as-nails leader of the F. Despite his gruff attitude, he has a fondness for lavender lotion. He is fond of conspiracy theories, which seems to annoy the other team members, despite most of them proving to be true. Despite his idiosyncrasies, he is a devoted team member. He is best friends with White Shadow.

The only female of the F. The largest snail in the F. He is best friends with Skidmark, and often proves to be just as quirky as him. He is somewhat dim-witted and a big eater.

His shell is equipped with tires. The “grooviest” snail of the F. He is also a DJ and has a knack for painting. Turbo’s fame and wishes to outrace him, even resorting to cheating. He does not tolerate losing, and even threatens to ravage Turbotown until he wins a race. Whiplash’s old racing mentor, who wishes to obtain Whip’s racing shell for his own. He had also previously worked for Ace Gecko in order to swindle the town out of its tomatoes.