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Bureau CPI measured median household income and the Rust Belt. E-International Relations offers two free textbooks exploring foundational elements of the discipline to beginners. Both books are free to access and also on sale in paperback worldwide. See below for full details. The chapters offer a broad sweep of the basic components of IR and the key contemporary issues that concern the discipline.

The narrative arc forms a complete circle, taking readers from no knowledge to competency. The journey starts by examining how the international system was formed and ends by reflecting that IR is always adapting to events and is therefore a never-ending journey of discovery. The first half covers the established theories that are most commonly taught in undergraduate programmes. The book then expands to present emerging approaches and offer wider perspectives. Each chapter sets out the basics of a theory whilst also applying it to a real-world event or issue. This format creates a lively, readable and relevant guide that will help students to see not only what theories are, but why they matter.