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This is a featured article. Click university of manitoba map pdf for more information. This article is about the Canadian province.

A red flag with a large Union Jack in the upper left corner and a shield, consisting of St. A central shield depicting a bison standing on a rock, under a St George’s Cross. On top of the shield sits a helmet decorated with a red and white billowing veil. On top of the helmet sits a beaver with a crown on its back, holding a prairie crocus. To the right of the shield is a rearing white unicorn wearing a collar of white and green maple leaves, from which hangs a green cart-wheel pendant.

To the left of the shield is a rearing white horse wearing a collar of Indian beadwork, from which hangs a green cycle of life medallion. The animals and shield stand on a mound, with a wheat field beneath the unicorn, prairie crocuses beneath the shield, and spruces beneath the horse. Great Gray Owl – Bird of Prey exhibit at Waddington Air Show – geograph. Manitoba for thousands of years. 1870 that created the province. Thomas Spence chose the name to refer to a new republic he proposed for the area south of the lake. Canada’s only Arctic deep-water port.

Hudson Bay is the world’s second-largest bay. This basin’s rivers reach far west to the mountains, far south into the United States, and east into Ontario. Hudson Bay coast is the lowest at sea level. Around 12 percent of Canada’s farmland is in Manitoba. Temperatures and precipitation generally decrease from south to north and increase from east to west. Manitoba is far from the moderating influences of mountain ranges or large bodies of water.

Canada in 2007, with 53. Manitoba ranked first for clearest skies year round, and ranked second for clearest skies in the summer and for the sunniest province in the winter and spring. This area is cold and windy in the winter and has frequent blizzards because of the open landscape. Summers are warm with a moderate length. This region is the most humid area in the prairie provinces, with moderate precipitation.