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How to Have Dual Citizenship in the US and Canada. Department of State or Bureau of Consular Affairs and Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows for citizens to have dual citizenships, meaning it is not required for you to give up citizenship if you plan to obtain a second foreign nationality. However, the methods you are able to obtain dual citizenship vary between Canada and the United States of America. When you have successfully acquired dual citizenship, you pledge allegiance to both countries and are required and expected to follow the laws of both countries. Having dual citizenship can be quite beneficial if you travel between the two countries a lot or have a permanent resident in one or both countries, allowing you to vote in elections and receive benefits from both countries. You must be a permanent resident to obtain citizenship. In both Canada or the US, in order to be eligible for citizenship, you will need to have been a permanent resident of both countries for several years.

This means if you were not born in either country, don’t have parents born in either country, and you have never lived in either the Canada or the US, it may take you several years and even up to a decade before you can apply for citizenship. Since Canada and the US are neighbors and have benefited from each other in various ways, it has lead many people to believe dual citizenship is easy to obtain. However, this is not the case. Obtain a green card in the US. If you are not citizen of the US and you were not born in the US or have parents born in the US, you will need to apply for a green card in order to qualify as a permanent resident of the US.

Permanent residency is crucial to be eligible to apply for US citizenship. Green cards allow non-US citizens to live in the US on a permanent basis. Having close family members who are US citizens or permanent residents. Being offered a job in the US where your employer is not able to find a work in the US. 1 million USD in a US business.