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Protest against JCPOA during Ali Akbar Salehi speech in the Parliament. Verbal aggressiveness is thought to be mainly a destructive form of communication, but it can produce positive outcomes. Verbal aggressiveness consists of offset constructive types verbal abuse questionnaire pdf can produce satisfaction in relationships and destructive types that have a negative impact on relationships.

These motivators of verbal aggressiveness contribute to an individual with a verbally aggressive personality trait. A negative correlation between 2D:4D and verbal aggressiveness was determined. Self-concept damage is the most fundamental effect, which can cause long lasting and more harmful results than the temporal effects. Verbal aggressiveness is also a major cause of violence. When verbal aggressiveness escalates, it often turns into physical violence.

The constructive traits which produce satisfaction and increase relationship contentment by helping to increase understandings between the different positions are assertiveness and argumentativeness. Argumentative individuals focus on the topic rather than attacking an individual. Productive argumentativeness can produce positive outcomes in communication through challenging and defending standpoints through justification. This allows for reasoning between individuals to resolve issue and terminate the disagreement.