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Petrol engines ranged from 1. The vw lupo manual pdf between the E and S trim included painted door mirrors, door handles and strip, central locking, electric windows, double folding seats and opening rear windows. The 3L, along with the GTI and FSI, had a completely different steel body to other Lupos, using thinner but stronger steel sheet.

The car had an automated electro hydraulic manual transmission with a Tiptronic mode on the selector and an automated electro hydraulic clutch. The car also had an ECO mode. European cars at the time. To restart, the driver simply takes his foot off the brake and presses the accelerator. In ECO mode, the clutch was disengaged when the accelerator pedal was released for maximum economy, so the car freewheels as much as possible, with the clutch re-engaging as soon as the accelerator pedal or brake pedal is touched.

The 3L also has only four wheel bolts and alloy brake drums at the rear, along with many aluminium suspension components. Initially, there were very few options on the 3L, as options added weight which affected fuel consumption. Those available initially were electrically heated and electrically controlled mirrors, fog lights and different paint colours. In order to increase sales, other options were offered including all electric steering, electric windows and air conditioning. These options however, increased fuel consumption slightly. In 2001, a Japanese economy driver, Dr Miyano, used it to set a new world record for the most frugal circumnavigation of Britain in a standard diesel production car, with an average fuel economy figure of 119.