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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718057119. Powered by Slider Revolution 5. Process Commander is a business process management solution that combines websphere application server interview questions pdf patented enterprise rules engine with tools for developing, deploying, and evolving enterprise-wide business applications. Process Commander automates the business decisions and processes that drive work to completion.

Your developers use Process Commander to build standalone applications and to integrate Process Commander applications with your existing legacy systems. Work users are the end users of our applications. For example, a CSR is a work user. Work managers manage the work users. They typically do what the work users do, plus things like managing workloads, monitoring activity and accessing reports. Business architects capture application requirements and define business processes.

Sometimes they are called business analysts or system analysts. System architects are responsible for building the majority of our applications. Sometimes they are called application developers, application architects or just developers. There are other roles in addition to these four primary roles and your roles may be unique to your company. Also, an operator may have more than one role, for example you may be a business architect and a work manager. Pegasystems provides the following documents for Pega RULES Process Commander.

It provides an overview of the architecture, concepts, and features of Process Commander. Pega RULES Process Rules Engine Introduction — provides an overview of the business rules engine, the development portal, concepts, and features of rules and rule forms. Process Commander Designing Your Application with Smart Build — describes the design methodology essential for systems and technical staff to develop applications according to best practices. Pega RULES Process Commander Integrating with External Systems — supports IT professionals who plan, design, build, and test the interfaces with other systems that can be used with a Process Commander application. What is the difference between Exit Activity and End Activity? What do you mean by validation? How many types of validations are available in PRPC?

What is Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining and how do you define backward chaining in Rule-Dec-Expression? What is params and local parameters? Does data- follows Rule Resolution? What is Pattern and Direct Inheritance? SQL Query in open tab in Connect Sql rule, is this going to work or not?