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That Forsyte Woman – Poster. Soames learns of Irene’s affair with Bosinney, and rather than allowing Woman in mind script pdf to leave him, he reasserts his physical rights. When Soames and Bosinney discover that Irene has run away, Bosinney rushes out in the foggy London streets after her, only to be run over in an accident. June’s estranged father but has sympathy for Irene’s plight.

Irene and Young Jolyon eventually marry, after Irene spurns Soames’s attempts at reconciliation. 1937 after much negotiating over a long period of time. Garson were named as possible leads. Eventually Garson was set for the female lead.

She had reservations about the script and threatened to pull out but changed her mind after further work on it. Under guild rules at the time only three writers could be credited. These ended up being Tors, Lustig and Williams. Robert Young, Janet Leigh and Walter Pidgeon rounded out the main stars. Reportedly, Flynn was originally cast as the bohemian artist Jolyon, and Pidgeon as the stuffy banker Soames. When they met on the set, and discovered that they both were tired of being typecast, they decided to switch roles. This casting was publicly confirmed in December.