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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January xenogears perfect works english pdf, 6001, and end on December 31, 7000.

These are astronomical dates, so they are given in the astronomical format of Year Month Day, which allows them to be ordered. Despite the over 24,300 year wait, it will happen three more times over the next 677 years. 6947 October 9: Mercury occults Regulus. 1939 and 1964 are scheduled to be opened after 5,000 years. Japan, is scheduled to be opened after 5,000 years. Xenosaga’s events in the year 7277.

The Xenogears timeline does not apply to the Xenosaga timeline. At one time the two story arcs were believed to exist in the same fictional universe as many of those involved with the design and development of Xenogears continued to work on Xenosaga. However it has been stated on several occasions that the two universes are not directly related in any way. July 24, 6012 in the 61st century on the planet Messaline, which humans had colonised along with the amphibuous Hath. By this time cloning technology that can duplicate an adult human within seconds and implant knowledge into their mind has been perfected.

Dmane from the year 6946, who was accidentally sent back to 1946 when he was about to be executed for rebelling against the Government. He is sent back to his own time and executed. The beings of his era have larger, more pointed heads. 64th century, according to his first comics appearance in February 1962. He was exiled to the past by the tyrannical Central Clockworks that rule Earth. 6565 mating will cease to exist in its current form, and children will be chosen from a “long glass tube”.

In the Year 2525′ Began in the Year 1965: The Anatomy of a No. This page was last edited on 7 October 2017, at 10:14. This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Japan in February 1998, and in North America in October the same year.