Yongnuo yn 622c tx manual pdf

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Time to toss the Manual triggers? The original YN RF-602 triggers were a breakthrough for budget reliable yongnuo yn 622c tx manual pdf, and the YN-622C looking set to do the same for Remote Manual, TTL and HSS triggers. If you use speedlites at all, the convenience of remote control from the camera is really hard to overlook at this price, even if it’s just for the remote Manual control. TTL and HSS may be just a bonus.

The YN-622C-TX provides a faster built in LCD interface, and also provides significant added features like the ability to mix Remote Manual and TTL groups at the same time. USB port for firmware updates, and easily selectable YN560-RX mode. The YN-622C allow ETTL Ratios, and they have a pass through style hotshoe on top which allows flash on camera use in ETTL or Manual. As well as a basic focus assist light which works reasonably well.

The one ever important omission though is the lack of USB port for firmware updates. USB ports are now included withe YN622C II models. The YN-622C have been available for a number of years now and have set the standard for inexpensive ETTL triggers. They are now easily the most popular TTL triggers currently sold. The YN-622C where reasonably stable and reliable when first released in 2012, and with numerous software and hardware updates over the years they have improved further to be generally quite hassle free. YN-622C to lose communication on occasions.

And this usually just requires turning the transmitter unit on and off to quickly reboot the system before they return to normal use again. If you’re experiencing any unusual behavior a Factory Reset will often resolve those. For the price there is no question the YN-622C are generally exceptional value. So far all indications are very good, everything seems to be working as advertised. I had one small issue from the start where the camera would not go over x-sync without a HSS flash attached, though a quick factory reset of the triggers resolved that, and no problems since.

The convenience of remote Manual control capability alone is really great for the price, then the ETTL and HSS are very handy too. The AF assist light is also something I have been campaigning for for a long time, and it does a reasonable decent job. The only issues I noticed otherwise were the test fire button is not so easy to feel for on the side of the case, and you can easily bump the channel button instead putting the Tx off channel accidentally. I’m going to stick something onto the test button just so its raised a little and I can feel where it is easily. The other thing is the locking rings are far too small and it can be hard to tighten and loosen on the camera sometimes. The 622C case is also flat on top which is not friendly to locking ring access on the pass through shoe either.